Descendants of Anton Fritscher (1802)







Theresia Fritscher Ulrich - 1826

Joseph Eugene Fritscher - 1841

Anton Fritscher, born January 30, 1802 in house #56,  was the son of Johann Fritscher (1757) and Elisabeth Kamler, and the brother of Maria Klara (Klara) Fritscher.  There were close ties between the cousins, the children of Anton and Theresia,  and those of Klara and Johann, and many traveled to America and settled in the area around Heron Lake, Minnesota. They can also be seen recorded as godparents of some of the children of their cousins.

On November 5, 1821,  Anton married Theresia Reha, step-daughter of Joseph Reha and they set up housekeeping in house #52 in Kaltenlautsch. 

Anton and Theresia had eleven children, several of whom emigrated to the United States, or had children who did. 

The children of Anton and Theresia were:

  • Anna Fritscher, born June 17, 1824.  Anna married Frank Czepa, and it appears they remained in Kaltenlautsch, although some of their  children likely came to America. 

  • Theresia Agnes Fritscher, born May 31, 1826.  Theresia met and married Johann (Ed) Ullrich (Ulrich), February 13, 1949 in Kaltenlautsch. The Ulrichs emigrated to America and settled in Minnesota.  They had six children who married and settled with their families in Minnesota and North Dakota.  Theresia Agnes died in 1895 in Murray County, Minnesota.

  • Barbara Fritscher, born December 4, 1828.   She married Johann Frank, son of Mathes Frank and Anna Wolf.  They had five children all born in Kaltenlautsch.

  • Anton Fritscher, born January 29, 1831, inherited the family farm, #5, from his father and remained in Kaltenlautsch. He married Mariana Korotwicka, daughter of Anton Korotwicka a miller in the town of Lisnice. 

  • Franz (Frank) Fritscher, born December 1, 1832 married Anna Czepa, daughter of Johann Czepa and Paulina Hawliczek. We only know of two of their children.   Frank was a shoemaker by trade.

  • Johann (John) Fritscher, born December 3, 1834, was a hockster by trade.  He had at least one son and two daughters.

  • Adalbert Anton Fritscher, born April 24, 1837, died 1854 in Austria/ Italy war. 

  • Rosalia Fritscher, born June 2, 1839, and married Anton Fritscher born 1835 in Buschein, a small town outside Kaltenlautsch. 

  • Joseph Eugene Fritscher, Sr., born September, 1, 1841 in Kaltenlautsch, and was a stone mason by trade.   Joseph married Theresia Hruby on January 23, 1869 in Kaltenlautsch.  Theresia was the daughter of Fabian Hruby and Barbara Homa and she was born in Koloredov, Moravia, Austria near Kaltenlautsch. Joseph and Theresia both died in Heron Lake, Minnesota.  (See the "Joseph Eugene 1841" link for information on the extended family of Joseph E. and Theresia.

  • Magdalena (Lena) Fritscher, born August 30, 1843 

  • Clement Fritscher, born July 31, 1847.

In 1831 or 1832, the family moved to a bigger farm, #5, where their last seven children were born. Anton's initials can still be seen there carved on a stone in the well at the farm in about 1835.  Anton died in 1874. Theresia Reha Fritscher died October 31, 1870.