Theresia Fritscher Ulrich and Family


Theresia Fritscher, born May 31, 1826 in Kaltenlautsch, Moravia Austria, was the daughter of Anton and Theresia Reha Fritscher.  She married Edward Johann Ulrich in Austria on February 13, 1849.   He had been born in Kaltenlautsch, Moravia, Austria on January 13, 1823 to parents Johannes and Anna (Winkler) Ulrich.  He apparently died prior to the family's voyage to the United States in 1880 or 1882. The passenger list for their voyage has not yet been found.  Theresia and her children made the trip alone and settled near their extended family in Southwestern Minnesota.  They were living in Belfast township in Murray County, Minnesota as recorded in the 1885 and 1895 Minnesota censuses.   When Theresia's brother, Joseph Eugene Fritscher, immigrated to Minnesota in 1885, he and his family lived the first month with Theresia and her family.   

In 1895, Theresia died in Murray County, and is buried at St. Gabriel Catholic Cemetery at Fulda, Minnesota.  Johann and Theresia Fritscher Ulrich had five sons all of whom were born in Kaltenlautsch, Moravia, Austria.  They were:

A few years after their mother, Theresia, died the sons moved to North Dakota and farmed there for many years. 

John and Anton remained bachelors and can be found living near their brothers. 


Land records can be found for Bernard, John and Anton and for Emma, the daughter of Adolph, in Grant / Morton County, North Dakota.  Their land was all in township 135, Range 88, Section 20.  In April of 1917, Grant County was created out of a portion of Morton County, North Dakota.  Land transactions were dated August 7, 1911, July 14, 1916 for Anton and Bernard, and August 7, 1911 and November 26, 1915 for John.  Since they were recorded on the census living on their land in 1910, they had obviously worked very hard and managed to improve the land sufficiently by 1911 to get the homestead land patent.


Edward married Magdalene and they had seven children: John, Elizabeth, Mary, Susie, Anna, Magdalene and Joseph, and remained in Minnesota. 

Adolph married Mary and they had seven children. 

Bernard married Elizabeth Louise ( her last name is unknown) and they had nine children.  See the census listings below.


Other Ulrich families can be found in North Dakota, but they appear to be among the Germans from Russia who came to settle in North and South Dakota, and do not appear to be closely related to our Ulrich families.



1900 Census Records 

Minnesota,  Morrison County, Pierz Township, Township 41 Range 29, ED 107,  Page 8B

Family 120/121                 

Ulrich,  Edward         head        Dec  1855    44    mar.12 yrs  Austr  Aust  Aust  immigr   1880

             Mechdalene wife         May 1865    35    5chil/5 liv    Aust   Aust   Aust  immigr  1885 

             John            son          Aug 1887    12                       MN

             Elisabeth      dau          Oct  1889   10                       MN

             Mary           dau          Oct  1891     8                       MN

             Suise           dau          Jan  1894     6                       MN

             Anna           dau          Aug 1896     3                       MN


1900 Census Records

Minnesota,  Morrison County, Pierz Township, Township 41 Range 29, ED 107,  Page 9B

Family 129/131                                             

Ulrich,  Bernard      head     Aug  1868      31     mar.9 yrs      Austr  Aust  Aust  immigr 1882

             Elizabeth   wife      Jan   1871      28    6 childr/5liv   Austr  Aust  Aust  immigr 1875

             Bernard     son       Jun   1891       9                         MN         

             Albert        son       Dec  1893       6                         MN         

             Louis         son       Oct  1895       4                         MN         

             Anna          dau.     Aug 1892        2                         MN        

             Anton        brother  Aug  1866     33    farm labor     Aust   Aust  Aust    immigr 1882 


Family 130/132

Ulrich,  John         head        Dec  1864     35  farmer           Aust   Aust   Aust     immigr 1882



1910 Census Records

North Dakota, Morton, ED #128, page  227B - Township 135, Range 88.

Ulrich, John              Bachelor  age 46   Austria, farmer, 1880 NA,   Family #25/24   [ b. ~1864 ]

Ulrich, Anton            Bachelor  age  44  Austria, farmer, 1880 NA,   Family #26,25   [ b.~1866 ]


Ulrich, Bernhard       Head    41   Austria   married 18 yrs.,  1880 NA,       Family  #27/26 [b. ~1869 ]

            Louisa         Wife     39   Austria   married 18 yrs,    9 childr./ 9 living

            Bernhard      Son     17    MN

            Albert           Son     15    MN

            Louis            Son     13    MN

            Anna            Dau     11    MN

            Willie           Son       9     MN

Although the Bernard Ulrich family would have include at least three more children by 1910, I have been unable to find them anywhere on the census records in either Minnesota or North Dakota.  In 1920, the entire family is enumerated correctly still living in Morton County, North Dakota, Township 135, Range 88. 

1910 Census

North Dakota, Morton, ED #128, page 232B - Township 135, Range 88.

Ulrich,  Adolph         Head 51    Austria, married 26 yrs. farmer                    1880 NA  Family # 97/101 [b.~1859 ]

            Mary           Wife  47    Austria, married 26yrs.  7 children/7 living    1870

            Emma          Dau  25     MN     

            Adolph         Son   20     MN

            John            Son    18     MN

            Anna           Dau    14     MN     

            Frank          Son     11     MN


1910 Census

Minnesota, Stevens County, Donnelly Township,  ED #149 ,page 135B 

Fam.# 77/77

Ulrich,  Edward        Head   55     Austria   mar. 24 yrs.  Farmer             1880  NA     [  b ~1855 ]

            Magdelena   Wife    45     Austria   mar. 24 yrs,  7childr./7Living                   [ b. ~1865 ]

            John            Son     20     MN                                        Laborer 

            Mary          Dau     17     MN

            Suise           Dau     16     MN     

            Annie          Dau     12     MN

            Magdelena   Dau       9     MN

            Jo              Son       4     MN



Record from St. John Nepomucene Catholic Cemetery

Lastrop,  Morrison County,  MN

Ulrich,  Edward,  b. Dec. 20, 1856,  d. July 6, 1916

Cert ID#, 1916-MN-008141



1920 Census  

Minnesota, Morrison County, Little Falls,  E. D.#159, page 167B

Fam# 150/63

Ulrich, Magdelene  Head    53    widow                           1887 NA 1894 or 1895 ,  Cleaning for private family

           Joseph       Son      12


1920 Census

North Dakota, Grant County, Hobson, E.D. #77, Township 135, Range 88,  page 5A

Fam # 83/83

Ulrich, Albert B.    Head   25           South Dakota   Aust  Aust     farmer ( Albert is son of Bernard)

           Anna A.     Wife   22            Montana          Aust  Aust

           George       Son   7/12          North Dakota   SD     MT


North Dakota, Grant County, Hobson, E.D. #77, Township 135, Range 88,  page 5A

Fam #85/85

Ulrich, Bernard       Head   51            Aust.           1880    Naturalized in 1903

            Elizabeth    Wife    48            Aust            1880    Naturalized in 1903

            Louis          Son     23            MN

            Annie         Dau     21            MN

            William      Son      19            MN

            Frank         Son     17            MN

            John           Son     15            MN

            Elizabeth    Dau     13            ND

            Joseph        Son     12            ND

            Edward      Son     10            ND

            Anton        Son       8            ND


North Dakota, Grant County, Hobson, E.D. #77, Township 135, Range 88,  page 5A

Fam #86

Ulrich, John         Head     55            Austria  Single,     Farmer,   owner      1880 Naturalized  1883          


Fam #87

Ulrich   Anton      Head     53            Austria  Single,     Laborer,  owner      1880  Naturalized 1883