Joseph Eugene Fritscher, Sr.

Joseph Eugene Fritscher, Sr., was the son of Anton Fritscher and Theresia Reha.  He was born in Kaltenlautsch on September 1, 1841, and was a stone mason by trade.  On January 23, 1869, he married Theresia Hruby Rintsch, a widow of two years, and the mother of eight children.  Theresia had been born September 12, 1833 in the village of Koloredov outside of Zvole, Moravia, Austria. Five children were born to Joseph and Theresia, but two of those children died at a very young age.   By the time they traveled to America on the S.S. Elbe from Bremen landing in New York on October 31, 1885, family members included:  Joseph Sr., his wife, Theresia, daughter Augusta, age 9, son Joseph Jr., age 14, daughter Theresia, age 16, step-son Anton Rintsch, age 23, and niece Sedonia Pentsch, age 3.   

The children of Joseph Fritscher and Theresia Hruby were:

Theresia Agnes Fritscher, born January 23, 1869 in Kaltenlautsch, died July 30, 1946, Mankato, Minnesota.

Joseph Eugene Fritscher, Jr., born October 30, 1870, Kaltenlautsch, died December 27, 1963, Heron Lake, Minnesota.

Aegydius Fritscher, born July 4, 1872, Kaltenlautsch, died February 17, 1873.

Aegydius Fritscher, born February 15, 1874, Kaltenlautsch, died May 21, 1877.

Augusta Martha Fritscher, born Juy 31, 1876, Kaltenlautsch, died July 4, 1942, Minneapolis, Minnesota.

The family traveled by rail to Fulda, Minnesota, to their destination near Avoca, Minnesota.  The first month they lived with Johann (Ed, Sr.) and Theresia Ulrich, Joseph's sister.  The remainder of the winter of 1885-1886 they lived with Edward Ulrich, Jr., and his family.  In the Spring, they moved to a vacant farm renting only the house.  Joseph Sr. and Joseph Jr. hired out to work on farms and did odd jobs for a period of four to five years.  Hardship struck when on January 11, 1887, when Joseph's wife Theresia Hruby Fritscher died of pleurisy. Theresia was buried at St. Rose of Lima Cemetery in Avoca, Minnesota, lot 35.  Joseph Sr. continued to farm to support his family.  He died October 20, 1911 at the age of 70, and is buried at the Sacred Heart Cemetery in lot number 128 in Heron Lake, Minnesota.