Minnesota Marriage Records


   Saint Adrian Catholic Church
May 23, 1882  Franz Joseph Fritscher and Theresa Appel

Married by Father C. J. Knauf

In Hersey, Nobles County, Minnesota  - Saint Adrian Church

  Witnesses:  Johan Fritscher and Mary N. Gotthelf

Sacred Heart Catholic Church

at Heron Lake, Minnesota

 May 11, 1885

Joannes Fritscher  and Francesca Pelzl


Index Matrimonium

 Sacred Heart Church


Joannes Fritscher

Heron Lake, MN


Francesca Pelzl

Witnesses:   Anna Pelzl   and



                  Wilhelm Pelzl


June 28, 1904

Joseph Fritscher


Amalia Pieshel


Father Joseph Fritscher

  Matrimonium Record


Amelia Pieschel


filia vidua R. Pieshl


                                         Witnesses:  James Haberman

                                                   and Victoria Haberman




Oct. 28, 1919

Theresia Agnes Fritscher  and Lawrence Kummett


Marriage Record


Dec. 27, 1923

Agnes Paulina Fritscher and Henry J. Tscholl


Matrimonium Record

May 4, 1935 Alfred Hugo Fritscher
  Bernice D. Johnson                   
  Marriage at Heron Lake, Minnesota


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