Studena Loucka


Studena Loucka (in German - Kaltenlautsch) is a typical village of the so-called “Hrebecsko” area (in German -  Schonhengstgau).  It is situated on the border between Bohemia and Moravia.  The area had a predominantly German population until the end of World War II.   The history of Studena Loucka is similar to the history of other villages of the area.  In the 19th century a strong emigration wave went through this area.  People left the Schonhengstgau for Minnesota and Kansas first of all.  This fact is rarely discussed in the Czech Republic at present, because due to the Postupim Agreement most of the original inhabitants of this area were deported to Germany. Many Americans have their roots in Studena Loucka. 


Studena Loucka, which can be translated into English as Little Cold Meadow, is one of twelve Louckas in Moravia.  It was the only one in all of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy with the attribute “cold”.  The name is connected with the location.  When we compare it with the weather of the lowlands, there are more rugged climate conditions.  The village lies in mountains which rise from a valley of the Morava River. 


The oldest mention of Studena Loucka is from 1381 when there was already a church.  The next mention in documents is from 1447.  In the 13th century there were deep forests on the frontier of Bohemia and Moravia.  This village was likely founded during the 1st colonization, which was organized by the Czech monarchs of the Premyslide family during the 12th and 13th centuries.  It had the form of a “line” village, which was characteristic of the late Middle Ages. 


Studena Loucka always been well located for communication.  In the Middle Ages, one branch of a business route from Moravia to Bohemia led through its area.  There was a postal route which ran from Olomouc to Praha (Prague) in the 18th century.  Today we can find two old milestones from that age in a nearby area.  A completely new road, which was called “the Emperor’s Road”, was built in 1828.  A private stagecoach line used to go here, which competed with a state post on its way from Olomouc to Prague between 1833 and 1845.  It became defunct after the building of a railway in 1845, which had its stop in the nearby town of Mohlnice.  The first state bus line connected Studena Loucka with the rest of the world in 1932.





This is an exerpt from the article By Jiri Osanec.  (Portions have been omitted.)

Translated from Chezch to English by Brona Bartosova.


Copied with permission from:

Nase rodina, December 2000, Vol. 12 No.4

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