Minnesota Land Documents

This information is extracted from original Fritscher documents I have located during the course of my research.  **

Anna Fritscher

(Jackson County)

Homestead Patent, filed Worthington, MN

East half of the SW quarter of Section 6 in Township 103

N Range 38 W of the 5th principal meridian in MN, containing 80 acres.

Chester A. Arthur, President of the USA.

March 10, 1883.

Filed Dec. 24, 1892.


Johann Fritscher   Homestead Patent

(Jackson County)

Filed: Worthington MN

East half of NW quarter of Section 6 in Township 103 N Range 38 W of the 5th Principal meridian in MN.  80.48 acres.  Signed Aug 3, 1888, President Grover Cleveland.

Filed Dec 27, 1892


Franz Fritscher & Annie Starlin Fritscher

(Murray Co.)

Sold strip of land to Railway Company

Annie Starlin Fritscher                                               

December 21, 1888. Sold to The Chicago, Minneapolis

St. Paul and Omaha Railway Co. a strip of land 100 feet

Wide, that extends through their land (Fritscher’s).  The SW quarter of the NE quarter of Section 20 in Township 105 North of Range 39 West of the 5th meridian.  (Murray County)


From Minnesota Loan & Investment Co.

To Johan Fritscher (Nobles County)

Indenture made January 14, 1891. $1500.00

SE Quarter of Section 12 in Township 103 of Range 39. Containing 160 Acres.Book P, Sheet 529, Nobles County.


Joseph Fritscher & Theressia Fritscher

Of Pilot Point, TX

To Johan Fritscher (MN)

(Jackson Co.)

Indenture made: June 15, 1893.

Filed July 21, 1893.  $15.00

Sold the West half of the NW Quarter and the West half of the SW quarter of Sect. 6 Township 103, Range 38, W of the 5th  Principal meridian containing 62.48 acres. $700.00 at 8% per year to mortgage company


Thomas Shaw (Hersey-Nobles Co)

To: John Fritcher & Geo. Schneider

(Jackson & Nobles Co.)

Indenture made June 13, 1893

$100  -- Land in Nobles Co., Block 1 in the village of Hersey. extending Easterly 200 Ft. from the Easterly line of 8th Street. Parcel of land is 150 feet wide by 200 feet long. Signed June 13, 1893, Filed June 14, 1893. Book V, sheet 3880 – warranty deed. 11606.


Mary Ulrich & husband

Adolph Ulrich

(Nobles County) 

To: Franz Fritcher (Murray Co.)

Indenture made January 22, 1898

Paid: $2000.00.  land is in Nobles County.  NE Quarter

of  Section 6, Township 104 North of Range 40, W of the 5th

Principal meridian.  Contains 142.72 acres.  Signed in Murray County.  

January 22, 1898.  Filed:  January 28, 1898.



**  Definition: Land Patent

When land passed from government ownership into the hands of an individual, a document was issued to certify ownership. This document is called a Land Patent. It was then used by the individual to prove his ownership when he registered the deed with the appropriate County government officer.