The Fritschers Come to America


The S.S. Oder carried the Fritscher and Pelzl families in May of 1876, and the Seidl family in September of 1876. The ship sailed from Bremen and Southampton to New York with Captain Christian Leist as its master.  Below the image of the actual Passenger List is a transcribed list of the Fritscher and Pelzl and other families who settled nearby them in Minnesota.


The  S.S. Oder.  May 28, 1876.

Bremen and Southampton to New York.

Total of 740 passengers.





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(All below were traveling in Steerage class)  Notice that the name Fritscher

was misspelled as Fritschler. 

Passenger #   Name     and    Age                      

339          Anna Fritschler     48       Austria        

340          Joseph Fritschler   24               

341          Johann Fritschler   19              

342          Anna  Fritschler    17              

 Also on the ship near the Fritschers, and all from Austria:

333          Johann Holamek      57

334          Rosalie Holamek      41           

335          Francisca Holamek   16

336          Johan Holamek        13

337          Osina Holamek          9    (this was Rosina)

338          Emmerich Holamek   5     (later called Emery)


348          Franz Pelzl              27  farmer      

349          Margaret Pelzl         25

350          Francisca Pelzl          9

351          Anna  Pelzl               8

352          Franz Pelzl               6


316          Joseph Pelzl            46   farmer

317          Anna Pelzl              45

318          Josepha (female)     19

319          Anna                      16

320          Johann                   13

321          Francisca                 9

322          Wilhelm                  8

323          Alois                       5

Anna Fritscher, age 48, and her family, Joseph, age 24, Johann, age 19, and Anna, listed as age 17 traveled together, Steerage class, on the SS Oder from Bremen to New York, arriving May 28, 1876.  We have learned that Anna was actually age 27 at this time. We do not know whether she was intentionally recorded incorrectly or if it was an error.  In addition, of course, the name Fritscher was incorrectly recorded as "Fritschler".  Most of the passengers were from Germany, Austria, Bohemia, and Switzerland.  Along with Anna's family were two Pelzl families, the Holameks/Holomeks, and Habermans, all of whom remained close after they arrived in the United States.