Johann Fritscher (1810)

Stary Moletin Church about 1804, AustriaJohann Fritscher, husband of Anna Ficker/Fiker, was born in Kaltenlautsch November 28, 1810, the son of Johann Fritscher(1782), a farmer or "Gartler", also born in Kaltenlautsch and Klara Fritscher.  Johann's Godparents were Thomas Giesl who was a renter of a lord's cottage, or "Zinshausler", and Theresia Czepa, wife of Mr. Czepa who was a farmer or "Bäurin".  Johann was born in house #8 and lived there with his family until his marriage to Anna in 1846.  Johann was thirty-six when he married, which was older than the usual age for marriage.  It is believed that Johann was in the military since he married at an older age, and also because his younger brother, Vinzenz (Vincent) inherited the family farm.  Johann was listed as a farmer in house #8 until in May of 1856, he purchased the Fritscher wind mill from his nephew, Ferdinand, the son of Vinzenz. After that, Johann was listed in the parish records as a wind miller.  Johann and Anna had four children, Anna, Johann who died as an infant, Joseph and Joannes, also later called Johann.   


In 1859, for reasons unknown, Johann Fritscher committed suicide.  He left a wife and three very young children.  It was extremely unusual for someone of the Catholic faith to commit suicide and so it must have come as an even greater shock to the family he left behind.  According to law, the dead were buried within two days.  But Johann was not buried for several days which seems to indicate there was a problem with the burial due to the suicide.  He was buried in the village cemetery near the church, by the priest, Reverend  Ambrose Kubin on February 10, 1859.   Reverend Kubin's grave can be found today in this same cemetery.