Johann Fritscher (1782)

Johann Fritscher (1782), the father of Johann (1810),  lived at house #8, reportedly one of the richer farms in the area, where all eight of his children were born.  He was married to Maria Klara Fritscher, who was a daughter of another Johann Fritscher (1757) of house #56 who was a cottager or "Häusler".  Johann (1782) and Klara were married on February 8, 1807 in Kaltenlautsch, Moravia, Austria.  Witnesses to the marriage were: Joseph Hniopek, a bricklayer, and Sebastian Kamler, a miller, "Buschmüller" at Zadlovice.  Johann and his family lived at house #8 until in August of 1849, at age 67, Johann died of the "weakness of old age", and was buried by the village priest, Ambrose Kubin.  The children of Johann (1782) and Klara (1787) were:

Johann (1810)

Anna (July 18, 1813), who died as a child.

Franz (October 10, 1814).  Franz married Josefa Ziak, born March 19, 1819, Kaltenlautsch #5, daughter of Martin Ziak, a settler or farmer, and wife Paulina Barta, who was the daughter of Florian Barta, a cottager of Bohdalov.  Franz Sr., the second oldest son, had inherited the family farm #8, which normally would have gone to the oldest son of the family, Johann.  It is believed that Johann was probably a soldier and was not able to inherit the farm when his father died.  Franz and Josefa had a son, Franz, Jr., born about 1843, who inherited the farm #8 from his father.  And Franz and Josefa had two daughters that we know of: Josefa Fritscher, born about  1849, and married to Ignaz Kalous of Bohdalov #49;  and Theresia Fritscher, born November 9, 1852, married to Frank Haberland of Kaltenlautsch #54.  A guardian, Franz Hniopek, was listed as Theresia's guardian at the time of her marriage, so we know that Theresia's father, Franz Sr., had died before November 9, 1875, the date of her marriage.  Franz Jr. was married on the same day as his sister, Theresia.  Franz Jr. married Anastasia Ulrich, the daughter of Johann Ulrich, a farmer of Kaltenlautsch, and Theresia Fritscher, daughter of Anton(1802) and Theresia Reha (1804).    Note: Johann Ulrich and Theresia Fritscher Ulrich were godparents for the children of Johann (1810) and Anna Ficker Fritscher, and would come later to settle in America near the widow, Anna Ficker Fritscher and her three children in Minnesota. 

Vinzenz (January 23, 1817). Vinzenz built the windmill that was passed down through the family.  He left it to his son Ferdinand who soon sold it to his uncle Johann (1810).  Vinzenz died October 12, 1853 of inflammation of the peritoneum or bowels called "Darmenentzundung". 

Anton (August 16, 1819)

Joseph (January 4, 1822) who died as a child.

Anna (January 7, 1824)

Joseph (February 2, 1826).  

Records have been found that indicate it is likely that the grandparents of Johann Fritscher (1810) and parents of Johann (1782) were Franz Fritscher and Veronica who were recorded living in house #8 in 1786. Then in 1789, Franz Fritscher was recorded with wife Paulina Unzeitig, daughter of Ignatz Unzeitig, born about 1763, and died June 28, 1843 in Kaltenlautsch #8, so it appears that Franz had remarried.  Additional research in surrounding parishes will be required to prove these facts.