Maria Klara Fritscher (1787)

Maria Klara Fritscher, was born in Kaltenlautsch #56, Moravia, Austria, August 17, 1787, the daughter of Johann Fritscher (1757), a settler or "Dom Ansiedler" in Kaltenlautsch, and Elisabeth Kamler (Kamlerin), daughter of Johann Kamler.  Elisabeth's father was Johann Kamler who was a miller "Müller" in Kaltenlautsch.  The Kamler mill was located at #43 outside of the village.  The mill burned down in 1930 and was never rebuilt.

Klara was one of nine children born to Johann and Elisabeth.  They were:

Joannes born July 13, 1783, Maria Klara, born August 17, 1787,  Ignaz born April 10, 1789, Franz, born March 6, 1794,  Barbara born May 1796, who died as a child,  Anton born May 28, 1797, who died as a child, Barbara born May 1798, Anna born July 23, 1799 (died August 28, 1802), and Anton, born January 30, 1802, Kaltenlautsch #56, died 1874.  We know that Klara and Anton each, had  children who came to America in the 1870's and 1880's to settle in southwest Minnesota near Klara's grandsons, Joseph (1852) and John (1857) Fritscher, and it is likely that many others of this family did also.  Many of the descendants of Anton's(1802) children still live in Minnesota and South Dakota.


When Klara married Johann Fritscher on February 8, 1807, she was only nineteen years of age.  The required age for marriage was twenty-four, so Klara's father had to sign to give his permission for the marriage.  Witnesses at the marriage were Joseph Hniopek, a bricklayer ("Maurer") of Kaltenlautsch, and Sebastian Kamler, a miller (Buschmüller") at Zadlovice or "Ziadlowitz". 


The research on the Fritscher family is very confusing because Johann's (1782) wife, Klara, was the daughter of another Johann Fritscher(1757) --thus Fritscher was Klara's maiden name and her married name. 


Johann and Klara's first child was born in 1810 when Klara was twenty-two.  They had eight children together, all born at house #8.  They were: Johann (1810), Anna (1813) who died as a child, Franz (1814), Vinzenz (1817) who inherited the family farm, Anton (1819), Joseph (1822) died 1826, Anna (1824), and Joseph (1826).  


Klara lived to age seventy-six, when she died of "the weakness of old age" December 10, 1862.  She was buried in the cemetery at Kaltenlautsch by the village priest, Ambrose Kubin.