Anna Fritscher (1849)

Anna Fritscher, born May 21, 1849, in Kaltenlautsch #8, was the oldest child of Johanna "Anna" Ficker and Johann Fritscher (1810).  She was baptized the same day and her godparents were recorded as Johann Hniopek, a tenant farmer "Inmann", and Theresia Ulrich, wife of Johann Ulrich, a farmer "Gärtler".  Theresia Fritscher Ulrich was the daughter of Anton Fritscher, Klara's brother, and thus was a first cousin of Johann Fritscher.  The Ulrich family made the trip to America in the 1890's and settled near Heron Lake, Minnesota.

Anna traveled to America with her mother and two brothers.  She was listed on census records in America as being deaf and dumb.  It is not known whether she was deaf and dumb from birth, or whether it was the result of an injury or illness.  However she never learned to read or write, and never married.  She lived with her brother Joseph throughout her life both in Minnesota and after the move to Texas.  No record has been found for her in the church at Pilot Point, Texas, and her grave has not yet been located.  However after being listed on the 1910 census, she was not found again on any census record.  Her mother died in 1911, and her brother, Joseph, with whom she had found a home for her entire life, moved with his second wife, Susana, from Texas to Mexico shortly after his mother's death.