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Saint Thomas Aquinas The St. Thomas Cemetery is located at the corner of Washington Street and St. James Street, directly across from St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church in Pilot Point, Denton County, Texas.

Pilot Point Community Cemetery


Pilot Point, Denton County, Texas.  The history of the Pilot Point Community Cemetery goes back to the 1850's. It is located on North Prairie Street within the northeast city limits of the city of Pilot Point, Denton County, Texas. There are three named sections to the cemetery; The I. O. O. F. section which was established in the 1850's, the Masonic section established in 1875, and the Yarbrough section established in 1920.
Gunter Cemetery Gunter, Grayson County.  From State Highway 289, go West on Foy Wallace Road.  Cemetery is just south of Foy Wallace Road. The cemetery is well cared for by the Gunter Cemetery Association.

Tioga Cemetery


Located on Valley View Road in Tioga, Texas, Grayson County.
St. Peterís Cemetery Lindsay, Cooke County, Texas.  St. Peter's Cemetery is located on the grounds of the Catholic Church in Lindsay.  It is still in use and is well kept with two small chapels on the cemetery grounds.  Many of the tombstones have the letters, 'geb' and 'gest', abbreviations for the German words for 'born' and 'died'.  There are also Bible verses found in the German language.  A survey was done by the Cross Timbers Genealogical Society in 1978 and updated Dec. 1, 2002.   Transcribed by Barbara Jarvis, 2002.
Sacred Heart Cemetery Muenster, Cooke County Texas.  This cemetery is located just east of the Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Muenster. Burial records have been kept by the parish since 1890. A survey was done in 1979 and many names have been added in addition to markers which were placed in 1980 for some older graves.
New Hope Cemetery
Cooke County, Texas.  New Hope Cemetery is located 1 mile south of Burns City, on the west side of FM 372. A plaque in the cemetery reads as follows: " In loving memory of William T., Nina A. and G. Williams Thorp, who had the generosity and forethought to leave their life savings for the upkeep for this cemetery." It was surveyed by the Cross Timbers Genealogical Society in 1978 and updated in January 2003.  
Amarillo Obituary Listing
St. Anthony's Cemetery (not yet researched) Violet, Nueces County, Texas.   St. Anthony's Cemetery is adjacent to St. Anthony's Catholic Church in the community of Violet, Texas at the intersection of State Highway #44 and County Road #61 near Oso Creek.  Entrance to the cemetery is down a 400 foot or so road running  east between the church and other church buildings, and beside the museum.  The main cemetery is on the south side of this road, and the "Little Cemetery" is on the north.  Names of approximately 220 people were determined to be buried in the main cemetery.  The cemetery is still in use, and maintained by the Catholic church.  A Texas Historical marker was placed near the church in 1977.
Robstown Cemetery (not yet researched) Robstown, Nueces County, Texas.   The Robstown Cemetery, located at the intersection of U. S. Highway #77 and Texas Highway #44 in the City of Robstown was first surveyed in 1909 and is divided into four sections, managed by four separate organizations.  The St. Anthony's Catholic Section began when in 1924,  Reverend J. Canales of the St. Anthony's Church in Robstown received 5.0 acres of  land for a cemetery from the Dunlap family.  In the 1960's the Church exchanged part of this tract to the Robstown Cemetery Association for Section L which is located on the east side of  U. S. Highway  #77.   In 1970 St. Anthony's Catholic Church started a new perpetual-care section, with all of the markers bronze and horizontal.  Approximately 2025 people were determined to have been buried in both the old and new sections of St. Anthony's.   The earliest birthdate found on a tombstone in this section was in 1856, and the earliest death date found was 1921. 



Pilot Point Community Cemetery





Fritcher, Dorothy J. (Cheatham)

Yarbrough Section 


Jun 21, 1920

Sq 10, Block 5, Lot 8, Grave 6


Mar 13, 1996






Fritcher, Frank J.

Yarbrough Section



Sq 10, Block 5, Lot 8, Grave 1




  Fritcher, Henry Yarbrough Section
  Oct 21, 1911 Sq 10, Block 5, Lot 8, Grave 3
  Jun 11, 1993  
  Fritcher, Isolena O'Dell Yarbrough Section
  1891 Sq 10, Block 5, Lot 8, Grave 2
  Fritcher, Marian (Chandler) Yarbrough Section
  Aug 29, 1912 Sq 10, Block 5, Lot 8, Grave 4
  Jul 11, 1995  


Gunter Cemetery


Clora Graham Fritcher

Gunter Cemetery

  1899 Born in Tennessee
  1978 Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Charles Graham
  William E. Fritcher, Sr.  
  1896 Spouse of Clora Graham Fritcher



Tioga Cemetery


Emma Leona Fritcher

Tioga Cemetery

  November 1, 1905 Wife of John Frank Fritcher
  May 3, 1975 (on same stone)
  John Frank Fritcher Tioga Cemetery
  January 14, 1886 Husband of Emma Leona Fritcher
  October 29, 1976 (on same stone)


Saint Peter's  Cemetery


Mary T. Berend


  March 29, 1885 Wife of Phillip Berend
  August 28, 1969  
  Phillip Berend  
  November 24, 1877  
  April 11, 1937  

Monument in memory of those who gave their lives for their country in WWII listed:


Cadet Raymond J. Berend




Sacred Heart  Cemetery


Rudolph M. Zipper

Originally Zipperer

  July 12, 1896 (Brother of Dorothea Zipperer Fritscher)
  June 7, 1965  
  Frances A. Zipper Wife of Rudolph Zipper
  July 28, 1901  
  January 22, 1974  




New Hope Cemetery


Grady L. Fritcher

(Pvt. U.S. Army WWII )

  March 28, 1927  
  July 5, 1983  
  Dorothy Byars Fritcher Wife of Grady Fritcher
  August 12, 1930 Married December 17, 1949
  September 17, 2002  




Airawana Holland Fritcher Duckworth

  (From Obituary in Amarillo Globe-News, June 19, 2005 )

  December 7, 1927 Private family services were held in Amarillo. Arrangements were by Boxwell Brothers Funeral Directors, 2800 Paramount Blvd.
  June 17, 2005 Airawana was the wife of Julius Fritscher who died early in their marriage leaving two small children.


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