Children of Anton Fritscher (1802)   and Theresia Reha (1804)



Text Box: Anton Fritscher 1802


Text Box: Theresia Reha  1804


Text Box: Anna Fritscher  b.1824 
m.  Frank Czepa  b. 1820
m. Frank Czepa b. 1820


Text Box: Theresia Agnes Fritscher b. 1826    
m.     Ed Ulrich - b. 1823
m. Ed Ulrich b. 1823


Text Box: Theresia A. Fritscher & Ed Ulrich had 6 children. The family came to America and lived in Minnesota and South Dakota.

Text Box: Barbara Fritscher  b. 1828
m. Johann Frank





Text Box: Anton  Fritscher b. 1831
m. Mariana Korotwicka


Text Box: Frank (Franz) Fritscher b. 1832
m. Anna Czepa b. 1835


Text Box: Johann Fritscher b. 1834









Text Box: Adalbert Anton Fritscher b. 1837
d. 1854


Text Box: Rosalia Fritscher b. 1839
Anton Fritscher b. 1835
















Text Box: Joseph Eugene Fritscher b. 1841
m. Theresa Hruby b. 1833


Text Box: Magdalena (Lena) 1843
m. Dresher       



Text Box: Clemens (Clement) 1847








Text Box: Joseph E. Fritscher & Theresa Hruby Fritscher came to America in 1885 with their three children, Theresia's son from her first marriage, and a niece. They settled near Heron Lake, Minnesota.