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This site is devoted to the history of the Fritscher Family and related lines.  The oldest members of our Fritscher family were found in Kaltenlautsch, in the Austrian Empire of the 1700's.  The area has changed governments and names several times since, and the little village that was called Kaltenlautsch is now called Studena Loucka.  The people of Kaltenlautsch spoke German during the time when this Fritscher family lived there.  It was long after our immediate family had come to America that the Germans were driven out of that area of Moravia and it became a part of the Czech Republic. The oldest relatives in our direct line who made the trip to America were Johanna (Anna) Fritscher, her sons Joseph, Joannes (Johann/ John) and daughter Anna, who immigrated to Jackson County, Minnesota in 1876 to be with others of their extended family.  Most all of the family, including many cousins, had all been born in Kaltenlautsch.  Anna Ficker Fritscher was the wife of Johann Fritscher, who died in 1859.  Johann and one son, Johann, who died as a child, were buried just on the edge of the village of Kaltenlautsch.  Johann Fritscher (born 1810) was the son of Johann Fritscher and Klara Fritscher, both born in Kaltenlautsch.   

I began researching this line of the family over 30 years ago, and progress was very slow until the Internet made communicating with distant cousins and friends so easy during recent years.  Many of the relatives who were interviewed then are gone now, and I must rely on notes which should have been more comprehensive.  I welcome comments on the information here, and hope that you will notify me if you find errors, or if you can help add information.  I have been lucky enough to locate extended family near Heron Lake, Minnesota. and in Texas, and they have been extremely helpful in expanding the research.   Included here are most of the records on these families that I've  discovered to date.  If you have more information or different information, I would love to hear from you.  My sister is the keeper of the family photographs, and I will post additional photos as she is able to review and scan them for me, and of course, we are always looking for more pictures and information.  Recently I have been able to locate a wonderful professional researcher in Studena Loucka.  Through his research there the family is now traceable to the mid 1700's.  This will forever be a 'work in progress' and I will be adding information as I discover more.  Happy hunting! 


Related lines include:  Ficker, Appel (Appl), Pelzl (Pelzel) Zipperer (Zipper), Seidl, Berend, Boerner, Ohlig, Schrempp and many others.